Solar Stars

Hi! Welcome to Solar Stars! All you really need to know is that Solar Stars are made of GLASS, and can break, cut, and shatter as all glass can. So...please beware when children and mowers that can throw rocks are around! Solar Stars do have a solar panel in them that converts the power of the sun into light-if they don't work, they haven't gotten their daily dose of the suns rays.

Under each solar panel is a rechargeable battery that can be replaced when needed. Granted, to replace the rechargeable battery at some point in the future will be a chore, but it can be done to extend the life and your enjoyment of your Solar Star. Please contact me, and I will gladly email you detailed instructions to replace the battery when the time comes-and your Solar Star will be ready for many more starry nights to come!

One important decision to make when choosing your Solar Star is to keep in mind where you want to use it - if you live in a very windy area, you may want to choose a Star that is weighted or has a wide base. Wobbly table, or clumsy like I am? You can get a little peace of mind if you use Velcro or sticky tac on the bottom of the Star to adhere it to the table. Enjoy!

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